Tips for Feeling Grounded

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Being grounded means feeling at home within yourself.  Whilst for some this translates as a connection to nature, or to the earth, for others it is more about an awareness of their own core or centre.  When you are grounded you feel at peace in your own skin, with greater connection to the present moment and the benefits it can bring.  Being grounded is also a powerful way to improve our relationships with others.

In today’s busy world, where people are often juggling multiple commitments, being grounded enables us to feel centred and aware.  Rather than being continually caught up in our mind’s chatter, we are connected to the here and now, providing a sense of stability, even in challenging situations.  Grounding exercises are helpful for situations where you may find yourself becoming overwhelmed or distracted by thoughts or feelings; or simply caught up in the busy pace of life.

When you ground yourself, your focus might be on slowing down and connecting to your body and breath; finding space for the present moment, and/or developing a greater sense of self-awareness.  Having a selection of techniques available to use at different times can be helpful.


Below is a list of some great tips for feeling more grounded you may like to try:

Connect to your breath:

    • Close your eyes and notice the sensations of breathing. Inhale and notice what the air feels like moving through your nose or mouth.
    • Exhale and feel the air move from your abdomen and chest through your throat, nose, and mouth.
    • Let your body relax, and if thoughts arise simply notice them and calmly bring your attention back to your breath.

Grounding Exercise in a Chair:

  • Sit in a chair with both feet touching the floor.
  • Notice the feeling in your back and legs where they contact the chair and relax into this.
  • Feel your feet touching the floor.
  • If you would like to add to this, rest your hands in your lap, one on each leg, and slowly tap each leg, alternating between each.
  • Focus on this sensation and allow yourself to connect to the present moment.


Grounded Walking Meditation:

  • Walking slowly and mindfully can help us connect to ourselves and back to the present moment.
  • You may like to walk in nature, around a park or at the beach, however anywhere is fine, even around your house if you wish.
  • As you walk, focus on the sensation of your feet as they alternatively touch and move off the floor or ground. Allow the rhythm of your steps to become your focus and anchor.


Stop and listen:

  • Wherever you are now notice what sounds you can hear nearby.
  • Start with the closest or loudest sounds and listen without judgment.
  • Gradually move your awareness of sounds outward, so you are focusing on what you can hear in the distance.

Stop and look:

  • Pick one interesting object in your field of vision.
  • Trace its outline with your eyes, focusing on its shape and structure, connecting with it in this moment.


In addition to these ideas, hobbies such as gardening, sewing, and painting are also an excellent way to feel grounded.  These activities bring our mind to the present and allow a sense of flow and wellbeing to emerge.

Feeling grounded helps bring us closer to a sense of inner peace.  To enable us to access this state, it can be useful to have a selection of grounding exercises to draw upon at different times.  Not all techniques work equally well for everyone, but with a little practice it is highly likely you will find one or more that works for you.


By Kerrie Clayton

Kerrie has been a member of the AHHCA for over 10 years and is currently part of its Committee of Management. She is a qualified Holistic Health Practitioner and Reiki Master. Kerrie may be contacted via