Become an AHHCA Approved Trainer

What is an approved trainer?

An Approved Trainer is a current full or clinical member of the AHHCA, who has applied for, and been approved after meeting the following requirements:

  • Can demonstrate mastery in their area of expertise.
  • Have proof of education in the field and/or has worked in the field for a minimum of 5 years with references from clients
  • Have a license or certificate from a governing body, lineage or owner of the copyright of a modality/ies and be authorised to teach that modality/ies or own the copyright of the content to be taught.
  • Have Level II First Aid
  • Have professional indemnity insurance covering teaching.

Please complete the form below to apply for Approved Trainer membership.

The membership fee for this level of membership is $40 on top of the fee for Full or Clinical Membership.

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