Education Providers

Accredited Courses by the AHHCA

Education Providers must hold full membership to apply for their course/s to be accredited.

Application for all Diploma or Certificate courses must be formally approved by the AHHCA education committee.

Course accreditation fees must be renewed every 3 years.

Once course/courses have been accredited, Education Provider automatically becomes an approved trainer.

To get your course/s accredited with the AHHCA certain criteria’s must be met:

  • You need to be a full member of the AHHCA
  • Your Ethics and Philosophy must be in line with the association’s
  • You must hold professional indemnity insurance with a certificate of currency for your teaching courses
  • You must have a current First Aid Certificate Level II with CPR (if conducting face to face classes)
  • You must hold a minimum government accredited teaching qualification e.g. a Cert IV in Workplace Assessment and Training or higher to be able to facilitate courses (all facilitators of the course must adhere to this standard)

You are required to have written policies in place for:

  •  Grievance
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Privacy

Course requirements

  • A minimum of 500 hours consisting of 250 hours tutorial and 250 hours of clinical practise and assessment for Diploma courses.
  • A minimum of 100 hours consisting of 50 tutorial hours and 50 hours of clinical practice and assessment for certificate courses.
  • All courses must be an approved AHHCA modality (there is a process to get new modalities approved)
  • You will need to have your course accreditation renewed every 3 years

An Education Provider is an AHHCA Approved Trainer who offers an AHHCA accredited course.

To apply to get a course accredited with the AHHCA you must already belong to the association as an Approved Trainer Member (or a Full Member who meets the criteria to become an Approved Trainer).

Application for all Diploma or Certificate courses must be formally approved by the AHHCA education committee.

There is a fee for course accreditation, and courses must be renewed every 3 years.

Why is it important to choose an accredited course? A testimonial from Leonie Blackwell, Education Provider

My course is accredited to Australian Educational Standards. We have some of the highest standards in the world with a certificate course requiring 50 hours of class content and 50 hours of assessment. Many other countries such as the US and the UK require far less and therefore any course created to their standards simply doesn’t come close to yours. When comparing courses, which you should do, you need to ask yourself what do you want to be at the end? You can do a quick course with little practical experience or you can study the subject matter in depth and have equal number of hours of practical application. It gives you a greater sense of confidence in yourself as a practitioner and there are more opportunities for you to face the challenges that naturally occur when working with people and you have the support to deal with them. Think about the difference between completing 3 case studies to 25 case studies. In the long run you also need to consider where you are practicing. If you want to work mainly in Australia, being able to meet our standards will give you longevity. At some point there will be the acceptance of these smaller modalities in our society and when they do health funds and government organisations will look at the level of training provided. If it doesn’t meet our standards, then further training could be required anyway. The reason I had my courses accredited with AHHCA was because it was exactly the same standards and processes as set out by the Australian Governments standards for training. The difference was, to go through the government process, would have cost me thousands upon thousands of dollars and I couldn’t afford that. But the AHHCA was affordable and that means the course fees become affordable for you as well. They have a very rigorous application process and are very thorough in their reviewing. Every question the government process requires, so does the AHHCA. Plus, the course is reviewed and renewed every three years so I have to stay up to date and I have to meet their standards to continue to have the course available to you. I have to be a member and complete professional development hours every year. The level of professionalism is high. There are easier options but there aren’t better ones.

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