Renew Your Membership

Non-Practicing & Associate Members Members

If you joined as an Associate Member you should renew as an Associate Member at the start of each financial to stay in good standing with the AHHCA.

If you have previously been a practicing member of the AHHCA (Full, Certificate or Approved Trainer Memberships) but are currently not practicing you can renew as a Non-Practicing Member, which gives you the option of upgrading back to a practicing membership level at a later time without re-applying for membership.

The information required during the renewal process for both Associate and Non-Practicing are the same – you just need to keep your contact information up to date.

To find out about your renewal options go to the renew membership page.

You can contact the administrator if you have any questions about renewals.

Please complete the form below to renew your membership. Renewal fee is $50 per year.

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