Apply for Membership as an Affiliated Organisation

Membership Application Guide

Please use this application guide to assist you in completing your Membership Application form.
1. Which of your contact details would you like on the AHHCA Affiliated Organisations list?
The AHHCA website lists all affiliated organisations that are currently accredited with the association. This listing is made available for networking
purposes and to direct the general public to reputable organisations associated with the AHHCA.
You may select which of your contact details to include in the locality guide. If you prefer to not have a listing, please inform the AHHCA secretary via
phone or email.

2. I hereby apply for with the Australian Holistic Healers & Counsellors Association:
The AHHCA provides membership as an affiliated organisation if you are:
▪ A Healing Centre where complimentary therapists work to heal the body, mind and spirit
▪ An Educational Organisation that provides short courses suitable for the professional development of practitioner members
▪ An Allied Association that promotes holistic healing to the wider community and/or supports groups of allied professionals in healing the
mind, body and spirit.

3. Background
Every organisation has a story. Please describe how/when your organisation began and some of the journey leading up to where you are at today.

4. Aims / Objectives
We would expect that all businesses /organisations of repute to have a vision and/or mission statement and/or a clear purpose, aims and objectives.
These may be found in your business plan or in your articles of incorporation.

5. Offerings
a) Healing Centre – please list all modalities practised in your business. (eg. counselling, colour therapy, Reiki)
b) Educational Institution – please list the courses / programs on offer, the mode of delivery and the qualifications of teaching staff
c) Allied Association – please list the benefits of membership

6. Ethics
We would expect that all businesses /organisations of repute to have a code of ethics or a code of conduct or some other form statement of principles.

7. Insurance
We would expect that all businesses /organisations of repute to have insurance. This could include, but not be limited to insurance against malpractice,
professional indemnity, public and product liability. A certificate of currency (proof of insurance) may be obtained from your insurance company.

8. Identification Documents
Please provide us with a copy of your business registration or articles of incorporation.

9. Declaration
Please read through the items and only sign if all statements are true. If there are issues with any of the statements please contact the administrator via email

Please note: False or misleading declarations are grounds for immediate cancellation of membership.

7. Payment
Membership Fee
Not For Profit Organisations $60
For Profit Organisations $80

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