History & Future


The Origin of the AHHCA

Early 1990s – Our organisation, the Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association (AHHCA), was established by an enthusiastic group of holistic practitioners in central Victoria. It was originally called the Australian Holistic Healers Association (AHHA).

The AHHA came into being due to the growing number of “multi-modality” practitioners in the community who were trained in using a wide range of holistic healing modalities and techniques. Treating the health and wellbeing of the “whole” person (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), was a commonly held belief by those in the holistic community but there was no national body to officially recognise the multi-modality methods they used.

From the start, the association was progressive in its thinking. By accepting a range of practitioners with many different skills and training in holistic healing, it was able to provide a forum for linking these modalities together to create an official body recognising practitioners and supporting holistic health and wellbeing for the community in Australia.

A Code of Ethics and Statement of Purpose emphasised our strong foundation.

2009 – A high standard of holistic counselling was added and the name was changed to the Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association (AHHCA).

The AHHCA is a transparent, not-for-profit incorporated association, managed by a peer group. It is run by a dedicated committee who volunteer their skills to keep representing practitioners. In line with Australian standards, the AHHCA committee oversees the ongoing self-regulation and continuous accreditation standards for practitioner education and training. The association is here for all members and the individuals and communities they support.

There are various levels of membership. Full membership requires a minimum of 250 hours of training in AHHCA approved modalities. Certificate membership needs at least 50 hours training. Student membership is for those who are in the process of training.

As the association continued to grow, other levels were added to support members and respond to the increasing demands from the holistic health and wellbeing community. This includes; non-practicing, associate, affiliate and life membership levels.

2014 – We introduced an Affiliated Organisation membership level for Wellness centres, etc.

2017 – We introduced an Approved Trainer membership level.

2018 – We updated our logo to its current modern style.

The dedication of many has seen the association through those early fledgling years to the present time. New members, with much energy and vision, are joining together to evolve the AHHCA to meet the needs of the current time. We are ready to take the AHHCA and develop it further into a peak body association representing holistic healers and counsellors.


The Committee of Management have been working on the current strategic plan 2016 – 2020 with vigour, enthusiasm and dedication. As members of the AHHCA ourselves, serving our membership is highly valued. It is the personal understanding of our varied modalities needs that keeps us grounded in high standards of professionalism and quality services to the public. The Strategic Plan documents our short and long term goals in achieving our vision and mission. Implementing changes in practice as well as policies and procedures that support the effective running of the association, following a Code of Ethics and meeting all legal obligations adds value to your membership. The changing terrain of complementary health further enhances the importance of professional membership and as your association we are excited by what is possible in the future. Empowering the public with knowledge has become essential and providing members with the opportunity to educate through the Approved Trainer status and support the development of Education Providers cements the future for well-trained practitioners. 

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