Renew Your Membership

Clinical Members

Clinical Membership is practicing membership. To retain your good standing as a practicing member you need to renew your membership at the start of each financial year – this includes:

  • paying the annual fee
  • keeping your information current
  • providing details of professional development done during the year (30 hours required)
  • providing proof of current professional indemnity insurance

To find out about your renewal options go to the renew membership page.

You can contact the administrator if you have any questions about renewals.

Please complete the form below to renew your Clinical membership. Renewal fee is $170 per year.

If you also wish to be, or are, an Approved Trainer you will be charged an extra $40 per financial year.  You may also need to provide:

  • proof of First Aid certification
  • proof that you have a teaching qualification or permission to teach a modality from the appropriate governing body (new applicants only).

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