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Holistic Healers are natural health practitioners who use a range of healing modalities, techniques, therapies or remedies in an integrated way to address the needs of the patient or client.

The whole person, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual is considered in the treatment program, and all methods used are gentle, safe and support natural healing principles.

The Holistic Healer encourages the patient/client to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing and complements this with information, resources and educational material.

What is a Holistic Healer?

Holistic Healer: practitioner who utilises modalities that treat the whole person – the physical body, mind, heart (emotions) and spirit – to support an individual to return to a state of equilibrium in their health and wellbeing.

Holistic Counsellor: A practitioner who is trained in holistic counselling and combines modalities that support an understanding of the whole person to facilitate greater insights and awareness of the self.

President’s Message

Welcome to our Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association website. You may be here looking for a practitioner, be a budding practitioner searching for an association that will best meet your needs or be an established practitioner looking for professional membership and access to insurance. You are all in the right place. 

The AHHCA is run for members by members. We are passionate about highly trained professional holistic healers and counsellors who provide a service that considers the whole person. Being a multi-modality association we support and acknowledge the diverse and individual approaches used to achieve emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellness for ourselves and our clients. Knowing that life and knowledge is constantly changing and evolving we unapologetically have high expectations of our members to stretch and grow through on-going professional development. Striving for excellence through accrediting courses to train the next generation of modern, confident, holistic therapists and counsellors furthers our mission to empower and inform the wellness community.


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