healing auraAre Auras Real – An Aura Healer’s Answer

How is your 1.5 metres’ space around your physical body – your ‘aura’, your personal biosphere (egg, circular or bubble-shaped), extending 1.5 metres all about your being. As an aura-energy-crystal healer, I have found that questions come up for me a lot about auras. When the pandemic hit, I was struck by how world governments instructed people to stay 1-2 metres from each other at all times, the span of an aura, a ‘personal bubble’. Every profession and industry was re-zoned, in many places for up to two years to enforce the “keep your 1.5 metres” rule. Most cafes, pubs, and restaurants were shut, and then for a long while could only serve people in their doorways, or one person per 4 tables or such.

Even though the word ‘aura’ was rarely used in official documents over the year 2020 when world governments implored to keep 1 to 1.5 to 2 metres, from a quick dictionary/etymology refresh-compare online, the relevance of the word ‘aura’ is clear. It comes from the Latin for ‘breeze’, ‘breath of air’, ‘the air’. Also the goddess of the breeze, ‘Aura’ (Greco-Roman origins), is also ‘fresh cool air’, often ‘morning’. How is your ‘air’ feeling about your being, in your open or closed aura, your open or closed ‘air bubble/egg’? There are many ways to think of ‘air’. It can be what wind, or air-conditioners, bring with movement or can be static and non-moving atmosphere air. Yet it’s also ‘ether’, ‘prana’, ‘chi’, ‘space’ and etc. The air element interacts with these. This type of ‘aura-air’ has piezoelectric charge to it or a sense of ‘substance’ somehow, light or heavy, from stuffy stale space with trapped ions, to delightful fairy-charged zaps to light feather sensations, or other. Your own 1-2 metres of personal air ambience.

How does piezoelectric chi, prana, air stay, or operate, within a person’s 1.5 metres? If we each had plastic bubbles about ourselves with our own air in them, would our lives be happier? Images of meditating buddhas in bubbles have me wondering – what if meditating jesus’s, contemplative zoroastrians, and chanting krishnas, for example, all have a special type of spiritual air in the egg/bubble/archway/other shapes we often see them depicted within. Did you ever see that movie with Hugh Jackman, The Fountain, in which he’s with a tree in a bubble, moving between time possibilities. And so the aura is often thought of as a bubble, but in reality we can’t touch nor feel anything of the kind. We lift our hands up, and nope, no plastic bubble ceiling! Yet practices can be done that are effective to open or close and aura egg/archway/bubble, and those who work as healers/meditators do these practices, from the different traditions or courses possible.

As an energy healer myself, actively working the energy healing table from 2001 to 2017, I used to be able to feel the ‘fresh air’ of ‘healing guides’ moving in for the healing, or the ‘warm air’, or feathery sensations, or ping zaps and charge of the piezoelectric effect. Humans are interconnected with other life forms, unseen, but often felt by sensitives or non-sensitives alike. Once Smart Meters and Digital Smart/WiFi Devices really took off from 2010, I started to feel as if polarities were shifting and it led me to wonder whether healing guides or such, or the way spirit or soul, or elders or wise ones, entered and departed the aura was different from previous to the digital age.

The pandemic had a focus on two words, ‘covid’ and ‘corona’, both of which apply to auras. The corona can be related to the eyes/ears/crown/forehead section of the head, or above, hence think the ‘head aura section’, or the whole body, or parts of. And the term covid if you wordplay it can become ‘co-video’, ‘co-seeing’, which relates to sight. I’m also a life-pathways counselling-therapeutic coaching astrologer, and it struck me how the word ‘corona’ was used back in 2020, as often I think of ‘corona’ as an oblong or circular effect in the cosmos or sky, a halo around the sun or moon or seen in eclipses. The quick compare definition of ‘corona’ online mentioned coronas as shapes in relation to any type of ‘body’ (e.g. Sun/Moon), including the human body. So I thought, ah, the aura again, that eggshaped, or circular bubble-shaped area. Many esoteric books show different sections of the body with triangles or squares or circles, and often the crown chakra area is shown circle-like, as if a space helmet bubble or balloon with lines down into the head.

Whatever it is about how through a lifetime the ‘chi’ in our aura changes is fascinating. Before taking a break from intensive table energy healing, from 2017, I used to jump out of the way of the microwave oven to protect my aura, and avoid an electrojab zap experience, but now since the digital age polarities shift, I can stand in front of one and don’t feel it!

It seems to me from my two decades of experience with doing healings that even though the aura of a human is not enclosed in a tangible bubble, it is a ‘fresh air space’ whereby the invisible cords and lines or meeting points come in and out with certain soul/spirit/etc experiences.

Meantime though, it’s obvious that each of us could as a concept walk up to another human and tap them as there is no actual protective bubble or 5-senses region there. But the 1-2 metre rule about a person’s space around their body that got globally repeatedly discussed throughout the year 2020 has now enshrined that it’s okay to say ‘you’re in my space’, even if there is actually nothing visibly there in that 1-2 metres around a body, the aura! Energetically the aura is territorial property somehow for self-soul-spirit as well as body-mind.


By M. Proctor. February 2024.

Michelle is an Astrologer, energy healer, and energy reader.  You can find out more about her here.