Modalities for AHHCA Membership & Course Accreditation

The modalities in the accompanying chart are approved for membership requirements and/or course accreditation.

Membership requirements may be met by the hours of training in one modality OR in a combination of modalities.

For course accreditation, modalities can be taught singularly as Certificate courses, or in combination as Diploma courses.

Each modality must have a minimum of 50 hours in a class or training environment plus 50 hours of study and clinical practice (for AHHCA purposes this is counted as a certificate level course).

N.B. For some modalities, extensive experience in the field may be acceptable to meet requirements for membership when the training hours are less than the minimum.  (Proof of experience must be supplied).

AHHCA Approved Modalities

AHHCA Modalities list June 2017

12 Tone (Si-ART Method) Personal Colour Analysis
5 Rhythms Moving Meditation
Access Bars
Access Energy Transformation
Accupoint Therapy
Acro Yoga
AcroYoga Fit
Active Release TechniqueBates Method
Advance Theta Healing
Advanced Clinical Weightloss Practitioner
Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor
Advanced Meridian Psychotherapy & EFT
African Drumming
Aged Care
Aka Lani
Akupunkt Massage
Alexander Technique
Allergy Testing
Anthroposophy (spiritual philosophy)
Anusha healing
Archetypal Consultant
Aromatherapy (Flower Essences)
Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatic Medicine
Art Psychotherapy
Art Therapy
Artistic Eurthymy
Ascension Reiki
Aston Patterning
Astrology (incl. Chinese Astrology)
Attractor Field Therapy
Aura Chakra Photography and Readings
Aura Soma
Auro-Kinetic Training
Australian Bush Flower Essences
Autogenic Training
Ayurveda Khizi Massage
Ayurveda Marma Point Massage
Ayurveda Yoga
Ayurvedic Facial Massage
BA App Science (Human Movement)
Bach Flower Remedies / Dr.Edward Bach Healing System
Bamboo Massage
Bates Method
Behavioural Change Coach
Belly Dancing
Bikram Yoga
Bio Chemic Tissue Salts
Bio Dynamic Breathwork _ Trauma Release
Bio Energetic Synchronisation Technique (B.E.S.T)
Bio Energetics Medicine (Bio-freq Spectrum)
Bio Feedback
Bio Lifting
Bio Magnetic Synchronisation Technique BMS
Bio Matrix Energy Healing Course
Biochemic Therapy
Biography writing
Body Balance
Body Harmony
Body Mind Resolution (BMR) Healing
Body Psychotherapy
Body Stress Release
Body Talk Systems
Bowen Therapy
Brain Gym
Breathworks Mindfulness
Brennan Healing
Bush Flowers
California Flowers
Chair Yoga
Chakra (energy massage)
Chakra and Aura Therapy
Chakra Balancing
Chakra Puncture
Chavutti Thirumal
Chi Kung / Qi Gong –
Chi Nei Tsan (Hara Release)
Chi Reflexology
Chi-Acupressure Massage
Chinese Acupressure
Chinese Astrology
Chinese Herbal Dispensing
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Chinese Medicine
Chinese Nutrition
Chiron Healing
Clinical Hypnosis
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Clinical Nutrition Consultant
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Color Therapy
Colour Reflexology
Community Development
Complementary Health Therapist
Core Energetics
Core Energetix System
Core of Life Educator
Counselling – Progressive
Counselling – Supervision (qualified)
Creative Arts Therapy
Crystal Awakening
Crystal Dreaming
Crystal Energy Healing
Crystal Light Bed Therapy
Crystal Light Healing
Crystal Power Healing
Crystal Ray Healing
Crystal Readings
Crystal Resonance Healing
Crystal Sound Therapy
Crystal Therapy
CVT Crystal Vibrational Therapy
Dance Movement Therapy
Death Doula
Deep Penetrating Light Therapy
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Transverse Frictions
Demartini Method
Di Morrow Method
Dietary Consultant
DLF Therapy (Direct Life Force)
Doreen Virtue’s Past Life Healing
Ear Candling
Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique
Emotional Freedom Technique
Emotional Meridian Harmony Kinesiology
Emotional Release Therapy
Emotional Rescue /Living Authentically / Shifting Gears
Emotionally Focused Therapy
Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples
Emotionally Resilient Consciousness
Energetic Healing
Energetic Lymph Therapy
Energy Balance Massage
Energy Medicine
Energy/Positive Psychology
Enhances Awareness Program (EAP)
Esalen Massage
Esogetic Colourpuncture
Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing
Eurythmy Therapy
Facial Diagnostics
Facial Reflexology
Facial Rejuvenation Massage
Family Constellations
Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner
Feng Shui
Fertility Massage
Finch Therapy
First Aid
Flower Essence Therapy
Flower Reading
Food & Health Coach
Foot and Hand Care
Foot Care
Foot Reflexology
Forensic Healing
Function Fascial Taping
Functional Integration Awareness (similar to feldenkrais)
Garuda Matwork
Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) Camera
Gem Essences
Genetic Counselling
Genome Healing
Gestalt Therapy
Gokhale method
Grief Counselling
Group Exercise Freestyle
Group Sound Therapy
Group Voice Therapy
Group Work (Group Counselling)
Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis
h Pathology
Hahnemann Healing
Halo Therapy
Hasya Yoga (Laughter Yoga)
Hatha Yoga
Healing Dance
Healing Touch Practitioner
Health and Nutrition Coach
Health and Wellbeing
Health Coach – Integrative Nutrition
Health Counsellor
Heart Energetics
Heart Resonance Therapy
Heller Work
Herbalism / Herbal Medicine
Hexagram of Balance
Hoffman Massage
Holistic Counselling
Holistic Drug and Alcohol Counselling
Holistic Energy Care
Holistic Healing
Holistic Health Therapist
Holistic Pulsing
Holographic Kinetics
Holographic Repatterning / Resonance Repattening
Horstmann Technique
Hoshino Therapy
Hot Stone Mineral Therapy
Hot Stone Reflexology with Meridian Balancing
Hot Stone Therapy (relaxation massage)
Human Development
Human Physiology and Anatomy
Hydrotherm Massage System
Hypnotherapy Supervision
Indian Head Massage
Indian Head Stone Massage
Indian Reiki Head Massage
Inner Child Therapy
Inner Light Healing
Inner Personal Development
Inspired Spirit Life Coach
Integrated Awareness
Integrated Bio-Dynamics
Integrated Healing
Integrated Self Empowerment Therapy
Integrated Therapeutic Alignment Energy Medicine
Integrated Therapy
Integrative Coaching
Integrative Psychotherapy
Intuitive Counselling
Intuitive Healing
Intuitive Reiki
James Method
Janguin Analysis
Japanese Cosmo Lifting
Jin Shin Jyustu
Joint Mobilisation
JOYA Crystal Massage
Ka Healing
Ka-Tone Deep Tissue
Kahuna Bodywork
Kanetica Structural Balancing
Karuna Reiki
Kids Yoga – Non member
Kinesiology Taping
Kriyga Yoga
Kryslantium Healing
Kundala Energetics
Kundalini Reiki
Kyda Muscle Therapy
l Way (spiritual healing) /Luminous Way Vital Healing
Labyrinth Facilitation
Laughter Yoga
Life Coaching
Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coaching
Light Frequency Essences
Light Work
Lightwork Practitioners
Liquid Crystals
Living Authentically / Emotional Rescue / Shifting Gears
Looyen Work
Lu Jong Tibetan Healing Yoga
Lucia Light Therapy
Luminous Ange
Macrobiotic Cooking
Magnetic Therapy
Magnified Healing
Manifestation Coaching
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Technique
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Treatment for all grades of Lymphoedema
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Treatment Level 1
Marmapunctur (Ayurvedic Acupuncture)
Masgutova Method
Mask and Traditional Healing – Diploma
Massage – Neurovascular Massage
Massage – Balinese
Massage – Biodynamic
Massage – Bliss Stone
Massage – Chavutti Thai
Massage – Chi Kung
Massage – Chilled Rock
Massage – Chinese
Massage – Cold Stone
Massage – Deep Tissue
Massage – Energy Balance
Massage – Fertility Massage
Massage – Gyratory Massage
Massage – Hakomi
Massage – Holistic Massage
Massage – Indian Head Massage
Massage – Infant Massage
Massage – Ka-Huna
Massage – Ki Massage
Massage – Kodo
Massage – Lomi Lomi Massage
Massage – Lymphatic (Drainage)/Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy
Massage – Mobilising Massage
Massage – Neurology Massage
Massage – Oncology
Massage – Oriental Massage
Massage – Pregnancy Massage
Massage – Psychic Massage
Massage – Reichian Massage
Massage – Relaxation
Massage – Remedial
Massage – Scotch House
Massage – Seated Massage
Massage – Sound
Massage – Sports Massage
Massage – Stress Relief
Massage – Swedish Massage
Massage – Thai Massage
Massage – Thai Yoga
Massage – Transcadence Massage
Massage – Tribal Massage
Massage – Tuina
Massage in Schools Program
Mediation Instructor
Medical Hypnosis Practitioner
Medical Intuition
Meditation for the Management of Anxiety and Depression
Mediums / Channelling
Meliae Intuitive Healing
Mentor (form of counselling)
Meridian Psychotherapy
Metamorphic Therapy
Metaphysical Healing
Metatronia Therapy
Metatronic Energy
Mickel Therapy
Mind Body Medicine (Kinesiology)
Mind Colour
MindBody Coaching
Mindfullness (Children and Adolescents
Mindfullness Therapy
Mindfulness-based approaches
MNRI Method
Monocrom Light & Colour
Mora Therapy
Mother and Baby Yoga
Motion Analysis Clinical Massage
Movement Based Somatic Therapy
Multiple Brain Integration Techniques
Muscle Energy Technique
Muscular Corrective Therapy
Musculoskeletal Therapy
Music Therapy
Myers Briggs Type Indicator Device
Myofascial Release Therapy
Myotherapy – excluding Dry Needling
NAET (Nambudripads Allergy Elim. Technique)
Nambudripads Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET)
Narrative Therapy
Native American Indian Drumming
Natural Nutrition Coaching
Natural Spiritual Healing
Natural Vision Improvement
NET Stress Reduction Technique (NET)
Neural Organisation Technique
Neuro Hand Therapy
Neuro Linguistic Coach
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching
Neuro Muscular Transmission
Neuro Psychological Immunity & Vibrational medicine
Neuro Relationship Technique
Neuro-Physiological Psychology – INPP Method
Neurodevelopmental Therapy
Neuroscience Massage Therapy
Neurotherapy (Drugless Therapy)
Niblett Technique
NLP Coaching
NLP in marketing
NLP in Medicine Practitioner
NLP in sales
Nonviolent Communication
Nutrigenomic/Physiogenomic Testing
Nutritional Medicine
Nutritional Therapies
Nutritional Therapist
Occupational Health, Safety & Ergonomics
Occupational Therapy
Older Adult’s Trainer
Onsen Technique
Ontological Coaching
Open Sky Qigong
Oriental Remedial Therapy
Oriental Therapies
Original 7 Level System of Reiki
Past Life Regression
Pellowah Healings
Perinatal Yoga
Personal Training
PhytosonusTM Bioresonance Therapy
Play Therapy – ACA only
Polarity Therapy
Pole Pilates
Postural Integration
Posture Dynamics / Cycloid Vibration Therapy
Power E Meditation
Power Energy Healing
Power of Sound
Power Yoga
Pranic Healing
Pre and Post Natal Yoga (yoga for pregnancy)
Pre-conceptive Health
Pregnancy in Motion
Prenatal Yoga
Primal Therapy
PrimalSoul Dance Meditation
Professional Relaxation Therapy
Progressive Counselling
PSH Therapy
Psychic Reiki
Psycho-Spiritual Hypnotherapy
Qi Gong
Quantum BioEnergetics
Quantum Emotional Healing
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT)¾
Quantum Stress and Trauma Release
Quantum Touch
Quantum Vortex Practitioner
Rachelle Charman Crystal Shamanism
Rachelle Charmanês Crystal Awakening
Raindrop Technique (non ingestive)
Raw Food Consultant
Raynor Technique
Re-Aligning Health Life Coach
Recreation Therapy
Regression Therapy
Reiki and Beyond
Rekindled Ancient Wisdom
Relaxation Breathing
Relaxation Massage
Remedial Massage
Remedial Stone Massage
Remedial Therapy
Remstone Therapy
RESET (kinergetics)
Resonance Repatterning
Results Coaching Certification
Rhythmic Movement Training
Rosen Method Bodywork
Rosen Method Movement
Rotai Pain Relief
Salt Therapy
Samassati Colour Light Therapy
Samassati Colour Light Therapy
Sandplay Therapies
Seichim Healing
Sekhem Healing
Sensi Therapy
Shamanism and Transformational Mask – Certificate
Shell Essences
Siddha Medicine
Sleep Therapy
Slings Myofascial Training
Social Work
Somatic Exercise Coach
Somatic Integration Therapy
Somatic Therapy
Somato Emotional Release
Soul Coaching
Soul Focused Psychotherapy
Soul Light Crystal Massage
Soul Regression Therapy
SoulLife Therapy
Sound Healing
Sound Massage
Sound Therapy
Specialized Kinesiology
Spinal Reflex Therapy
Spiritual Counselling
Spiritual Healing
Spiritual Knowledge & Philosophy
Spiritual Somatic Integration
Sport Taping
Sports Coaching
Sports Nutrition
Sports Science
Sports Therapy
Sports Training – Fitness
Sports Training (remedial/nutrition, not fitness)
Strala Yoga
Stress Management
Stress Relief Massage
Stretch Therapy
Structural Integration
Tai Chi for diabetes
Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)
Telephone Counselling
Thai Foot Reflexology
Thai Yoga Massage
The Emotional Code
The Journey
The Mace Method
The Pendulum
The Work of Byron Katie
Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic Touch
Theta Healing
Thought Field Therapy TFT
Tibetan Medicine
Tibetan Pulsing
Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy
Time Line Therapy
Tissue Salt therapy
Tom’s Bowen Therapy – TBT101
Tomatis Method
Tone N Go Yoga
Touch for Health
Toyohari Meridian Therapy
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage
Traditional Eastern Cupping – excluding any blood letting
Trager Work
Training & Assessment
Transactional Analysis
Transcendental Meditation
Transpersonal Counselling
Transpersonal Medicine Therapy
TRE – Trauma Release Exercise
Trigger Point Therapy
Tuning Forks
Unconditional Love Therapy
Vatsu Shastra
Vega Testing (Allergy Testing)
Vibrational Breath Therapy
Vibrational Exercise Therapy
Vibrational Kinesiology
Vibrational Medicine & Neuro Psychological Immunity
Vibrational Raindrop Technique
Vibromuscular Harmonization
Vitali chi energy balancing
Vocational Rehabilitation
Voice Dialogue Therapy
Voice Movement Therapy
Wellbeing Coaching and Management
Wellbeing Consultancy and Coaching /Wellness Consultancy and Coaching
Wellness Coaching
Wellness Yoga and Healthy Movement
Whole Body Massage
Wu Tao
Yoga -Pre and Post Natal  (yoga for pregnancy)
Yoga Nidra
Youth Work
Youth Work & Youth Justice
Zen Shiatsu Massage

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