Lodge a Grievance or Complaint

The AHHCA Grievance Procedure is set up for people to make a complaint – based on the Code of Ethics – against an AHHCA member or Education Provider.

You may submit your complaint (within 6 months of the incident occurring) using the form below.

The AHHCA will then form an Ethics Committee to deal with your complaint following these steps:

  • You will be sent a letter of acknowledgement
  • The Ethics Committee will facilitate face to face communication between the parties, potentially via a 3rd party mediator
  • If mediation is not an option eg alleged criminal or sexual misconduct, the Ethics Committee will support you through the process of notifying the appropriate authorities and potential legal action
  • All parties will be informed of any decisions made by the Ethics Committee, and that they have the right to appeal
  • Members found in breach of the AHHCA code of Ethics may be sent letters of advice, OR be suspended or have their membership cancelled.

NB: In the interests of natural justice, the information you provide may be disclosed to the AHHCA teacher /practitioner that you have identified.

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