Course Accreditation – Certificate Renewal

Thank you for renewing your Course Accreditation with the Australian Holistic Healers & Counsellors Association.

This review is to enable the AHHCA to maintain high standards, competencies and credibility in the courses it accredits.

The form below outlines the criteria for re-accreditation, which you will address in your application. Courses/Colleges can be re-accredited for a period of up to three years before being subject to review again.

If you have questions regarding the enclosed application please contact the Administrator.

The AHHCA Executive would also request that all courses and colleges routinely promote the benefits of AHHCA membership to their students.

Principals of colleges must retain Full Membership in the association for college/course accreditation to remain current.

Please Note: Re-accreditation is simple if no additions / changes have been made to your courses / modules since 2016 when details about your courses were last submitted.  

If you indicate changes on the form below you will be sent additional documentation to complete and return. Any changes need to be approved before inclusion in an accredited course.

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