Professional Development

For any profession to be taken seriously professional development (PD) is considered a mandatory requirement, and the AHHCA values highly skilled, multi-modality therapists.

The community expects professional health care practitioners who are up to date with the latest approaches, scientific understanding and how it is applicable to the holistic field.

The aim of professional development is to ensure members continue to grow and develop themselves personally and professionally in the best interest of the practitioner and their clients.

All practicing members are required to complete a total of 30 hours of professional development in a membership year (July 1 – June 30) to maintain membership.

To do this, the AHHCA believes professional development should be accrued across a variety of avenues and a maximum number of hours are set for each area. And, because the association has a commitment to high quality, our standards are high, yet uncomplicated, with an hour of your time spent equally an hour of professional development.

You can download the full AHHCA policy on professional development here.

To record your PD during the year as you do it you can download a record sheet here.

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