Life-Pathways Astrology, How Can It Help?

Life-pathways astrology as an insight counselling holistic therapy helps people find meaning in many ways, including the concept of “psyche” – i.e. time, change, seasons, emotion, soul, spirit, turns-in-life, crossroads, the dream-mind, the energy-mind, the awake-mind and etc.

Working toward individuating – plus staying connected with family, networks, heritage, culture and soul etc – are important themes when being with a person’s birth-life-identity chart, be it one’s own soul or ‘soul’ in the general sense of land, place, time.

When I was about 27 years old, an amazing hidden turning point age that astrologers label the “progressed moon return”, I became interested in chakras, image cards, new-age self-help books, spiritualities etc, and started studying (over 9-years, part-time) an astro-therapeutic Diploma in personality-centred applied psychological astrology. I mention the progressed moon return at age 27, for this facet of life-cycles timing has resonated with almost every single client (over the past 22 years of my consulting) as an integral age for soul, health, spiritual themes, as well as religious, energetic, emotional, visionary, inner-mind, feminine-yin (but not necessary female), ‘magical fate or destiny’ key point experiences.

First though, let’s consider the birth-life-identity chart which is a ‘life map’ that does not move forward in time… it is drawn up for the exact time, place, space, date of your birth and is a picture of personality, people in your life, and much more. To grow it, use your free will to be your best self… and as you do this, you unlock challenges in it. For example, if you are born Sun Sign Leo in a certain ‘house/sector’ aligned to certain planets, then in bringing out the best in your higher and lower selves as a Leo, even if your Sun (i.e. Star) Sign was born in a ‘bad house/sector’ or a ‘debilitated alignment’ then it’s possible to overcome and break out of these challenges into your own unique version of your unique life.

Next there are “the progressions” and “the transits”. The birth/natal-identity-life chart is always used as the basis for these. Your personal chart, personal to you and those born at the same hospital or in the same suburb or etc at the exact same date/time as you (they’d be known as ‘astrological time twins’) are the only ones on the planet who would have the same “progressions” as you. Otherwise, your progressed chart is totally unique to you and it’s the chart that shows how the energies you were born under move forward (or backward) in time.

Science has proven that each individual experiences time differently and “Progressions” show this. Everyone’s Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Rising Sign and etc ‘progress’ in their own unique seasons, cycles and unfolding personality and life patterns. In the Sun (Star) Sign Leo example, the person would always stay their entire life a Sun/Star Sign in Leo, but if they lived to be 100, it would progress to Virgo, then Libra, then Scorpio (but no further is possible than that). And while their Sun archetype energy is in Progressed Virgo, that’s 30 years of experiencing being both Sun Sign Leo and Progressed Sun Archetype Virgo. And then after that, their Progressed Sun would switch to Libra and they’d feel for the next 30 years being both a Sun Sign Leo with added Libra (and so on). The Progressed Moon moves much faster than the Progressed Sun and changes every 2.5 years. It’s really worth always finding out where your Progressed Moon, Progressed Sun and Progressed Rising Signs are to keep up-to-date with your ever-changing life pathway soul-self-spirit seasons and life pathways.

When it comes to “the Transits” everyone in the world has them every minute of every day for these have been calculated as clocks since 12,000 BC in both ‘soul’ and ‘daily task’ time by how the movement of planets interacting by observation to places on earth are measured, and inform our world’s use of normal clock time, even though contemporary clocks now run to atomic time. The ‘transits’ are the ‘astroweather’ that astrologers forecast from. When looking at this form of timing for a person, I place the transits over an individual person’s birth-life-identity-chart to see how the ‘astroweather’ is flowing. For example ‘would such and such a transit be conducive to a birth-life-identity chart Leo or not’? These questions and contemplations are some of the factors in working as a life-pathways astrologer insight-counselling holistic therapist!   


Michelle Proctor has been a professional Astrologer for over 18 years.  You can find out more about her and her services at her website