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Herbs and Healing at Change of Season

Herbal remedies and Folk medicines were once the go-to for all common aches and pains. As a generation we embraced the introduction of over the counter (OTC) medicines and swiftly transitioned away from the use of natural healing.

Today when we are feeling unwell, stomachs aches, sore throat, fever, cold or flu, instead of opening our kitchen cupboards in search of herbs and natural remedies, we go to our medicine cabinet, and often find it overstocked with a variety of pills and half consumed syrups or elixirs.

For most minor complaints a doctor may prescribe a simple remedy of rest, fluids, and paracetamol, to help ease the symptoms such as cold or flu.

However as modern consumers our choice for self-care pharmaceutical products is extensive, and each OTC medicine offers a slightly different proposition and flavour. And when faced with so much choice, we often purchase two or three products to make us feel better. Or perhaps we select the All -In-One remedy, potent enough to warrant its own “medical warning” with side effects that can potentially make us more unwell.

OTC medicines can help ease discomfort, however holistic and herbal remedies also provide comfort and help the body booster its immune system. Combined with resting, sleeping, and keeping hydrated, these are the keys for letting our body use its own inbuilt immune system to heal.

When we make a nutritious broth (from meat or vegetable stock) and add plenty of garlic, onions, leeks & herbs (bay leaf, sage, oregano etc..) it will be rich in nutrients including vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium, & vitamin E.

And when we drink a herbal tea, readymade (teabag) or make your own by adding 1 tsp (dried herb) per 125ml water, it will provide liquid, phytonutrients and electrolytes.


Next time you start to feel a little unwell; before dosing up on OTC meds, look inside the kitchen cupboard and see what natural healing ingredients you could use to make yourself feel better and then tuck yourself up in bed and let your body do the rest.

And of course if symptoms persist seek medical advice.


My top kitchen ingredients for the change of season:

Garlic – immunity boosting – roasted and mashed, paste or puree, pickled or dried – in any form you choose; add to broth or make Garlic Clove Tea.

Ginger – sliced or dried ginger root, in boiling water to help soothe a cough or sore throat. Also helps settles the feeling of nausea

Lemon – Fresh lemon slice, or juice, or lemon balm, for vitamin C – make a tea, and add honey to help reduce phlegm

Honey – a spoonful of honey (or honey in tea) to ease a sore throat, or reduce a cough, and help with a good night’s sleep


Wishing everyone Good Holistic Health & Healing during the change of season.


Maria Del Pilar Wrenn

Holistic Counsellor

AHHCA registered Practitioner

Mob:0481 760 783