Water – A source of Health and Healing

Our bodies are mostly water.  The planet is mostly water.

Throughout history there have been many traditions and beliefs around the healing and transforming powers of water.

The Romans loved their baths.  Christians use baptisms and blessed holy water.  Over the ages sick people and pilgrims flocked to sacred/healing springs.

In more modern times scientists realised that impurities in water can make you sick, and that “clean” water is better for keeping you healthy.

Although many scientists criticise Dr Emoto’s research methods, his experiments about the effect of thoughts/words on water are interesting.  In his experiments he exposed water to different words, pictures, etc, froze the water and then looked at slices of frozen water under the microscope.  He observed that the crystalline structure of the water was more symmetrical and subjectively beautifully structured when they were exposed to ‘nice’ words like “gratitude”, and more ‘ugly’ and less symmetrical when exposed to ‘bad’ words like “I hate you” or “you disgust me”.







When I first discovered Dr Emoto’s work I was excited and had sudden realisations about why prayer and mantra could be so powerful and why it was used in so many cultures, and for so long. 

Think of all the shamanic traditions that use singing as part of their traditions, and all those over the millennia who have prayed over food and created special foods, especially broths and soups for the sick….

In Access Consciousness® we have a new energetic body process which is about working against desert-ification, which is a problem on our planet, and can also be seen in how dehydrated many of us are.  Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness®, had listened to a TedTalk by Allan Savory about desertification, and then received some awarenesses from the earth and the bodies around him about what energies could be used as an antidote to the desertification energies.  What I noticed when I started playing with the body process was that a lot of bodies wanted it run on the thymus (which after puberty starts to shrink and is located at the heart chakra) and the pineal gland (which has an important part of the endocrine system and often associated with the third eye in metaphysical traditions).  Interesting.  My awareness of the body process is that it is moist, and hydrating, and generally nurturing!

Internationally March is a time when there are various water focused challenges, and March 22nd is World Water Watch Day.  In Australia WaterAid is encouraging us to only drink water (no tea, coffee, soft drinks, etc) and fundraise for the millions around the world who do not have access to clean water.

I would encourage everyone to reflect this month on water, it’s role in your life and the life of the planet, and to maybe put in place some kind of water based practice.  Maybe you could give thanks for the water of your shower, or energise your drinking water in some way, or maybe you could try some kind of water based healing technique.

And, if anyone is interested in receiving the desertification body process or learning how to run it feel free to contact me.


Karen Howard is an Access Consciousness® Bars and Body Process Facilitator (teacher) and an energetic body worker and coach.  She can be contacted via email or phone 0403 983 185.