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The True Measure of Mental Health is Soul Deep

2020 brought the topic of mental health into the spotlight. Understanding it has not reached the mainstream yet, though.

After 20+ years as a trauma therapist and awakening expert, my approach focuses on the soul to initiate deep, empowered healing. I believe mental health = soul health.

I know this from personal experience.

My inspiration for journeying into the soul to heal my own mental health, trauma and PTSD was Swiss psychologist Carl Jung.

In brief, Jung believed we are all complex beings with depths that must be explored to reach an accurate understanding of who we are — especially when it comes to uncovering our soul and reaching our individual wholeness. Jung brought a more fluid, spiritual perspective into what had been the leading theory of the psyche: a more rigid and simplified Freudian perspective.

I studied a somatic-based trauma therapy program that had deep roots in Carl Jung and alchemy in 2005. And I fell in love with the invitation to journey toward and into the realms of soul as a way of transforming, healing and growing beyond my deepest problems.

I began to walk, and heal, on this somatic, Jungian-based road into and with soul.

My journeys in the first program and then my master’s program both deeply informed my understanding of how to help people most effectively transform their greatest pain, injuries and heartbreaks.

I learnt that the most potent medicine for healing comes from working at the soul level — bringing healing and health to the soul level, and then from the soul level back to our everyday selves.

I call this journey soul work.

Soul work takes us out of the mind and body and to etheric realms, out of time and space, to the greater dreaming behind or beneath our lives. It relieves our minds of needing to find all the answers within the small container of psychological and mental space and consensus reality.

Soul work is an awareness practice. 

It’s a process to give ourselves space to allow awareness to expand, connect and receive insights, understanding and knowing about ourselves and our circumstances that we wouldn’t have access to if we were just thinking about a situation rationally.

We remember spirit, energy, nature and the possibility of a positive future life. We remember and connect with the mystical and the profoundly transformative.

I find that many of the current approaches to mental health glue labels onto behaviours. Sometimes there’s a good reason for it. 

But I prefer an openness that some of the behaviours we judge or hide are simply greater expressions of the mental diversity that’s part of being human. 

There are 3 points I invite you to consider. I’ve experienced personally and seen in thousands of clients that these truths turn on the healing-and-freeing lightbulb:

  1. Who we are in our mental health is our mix of static and mutable inner diversity.

It’s when we draw lines or try to cut out pieces of ourselves that our souls can begin to struggle or suffer, which causes our mental health to struggle or suffer.

  1. The space of the soul includes all your expressions, everything that makes you YOU. 

Often, part of mental health issues come from experiencing connections with the soul getting marginalized or shamed.

We live in a culture that works to uphold a denial of soul realms while emphasizing the more narrowed, scientific, rational, materialistic perspectives.

This dissociation from the soul creates a deep hunger and longing for it.

  1. Soul work is not a solo process. When we journey into soul, we find 24/7 support in what I call Spirit Teams.

These are guides, angels and other beings who provide loving protection and guidance whenever we need.

Everyone has a Spirit Team. I believe you, dear reader, have sensed yours at some point. Connecting with them is like accessing your soul’s microphone, devoted ally and magical co-creator.

I’ve noticed the biggest healing happen when people connect with soul-level energy. The congruence it gives us is medicine that helps us grow beyond the problems we’re experiencing, to find understanding, which is profoundly helpful, and to cultivate steps toward change and relief. And it allows our Spirit Teams to activate our gifts.

It allows us to bring through higher levels of meaning (our Spirit Teams love bringing us here!). No matter how difficult that meaning is, we feel the rightness of the message. It gives us the clarity of how to move forward and the energy to do it.


To explore our mental health, we should explore our soul’s health.

This is tracked by determining our relationship with soul. If it’s been fractured or severed, hidden or denied. If it needs a safe space that welcomes and celebrates our inner diversity. And if there are any teachings that, instead of ignoring or misunderstanding them, we finally listen to.

To live from soul is like living outside of our mainstream identities.

We recognize that our mainstream identity is not our only self. So, we become more available for our soul and allow it to be the energy that informs and guides our mainstream identity.

Maybe this identity includes labels that are truly helpful, maybe it discards them.

But if you choose to glue a label onto your identity that marks you as less than thriving, give yourself a chance to uncover a different story that’s hidden under the glue.


Give yourself a chance to come into relationship with your soul and use that glue instead to connect the pieces of your soul back into wholeness.

(Your Spirit Team will happily bring the glue!)

Once you do, your mental health will be nothing more than a reminder to pause, check in with your soul and give it a little love.


A soul that is loved and connected with Spirit generates a life that is meaningful, balanced and enjoyed to the fullest.


So, instead of considering how your mental health is…how is your soul’s health? How can you help it feel more nourished and loved? What does your Spirit Team have to say?


Myree Morsi is a Soul Guide, Transformational Therapist, Awakening Expert and Leadership Coach teaching and coaching 1,000s online since 2010.
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