Is Christmas stressing you out?

The answer from most people will be “YES”!

Like most people I try and have my Christmas shopping completed early to stay out of the shopping centres at the most busiest time. Big Fail most years. With school finishing & children adding to the ever growing amount of people that go to a shopping centre nowhere is safe from crowds. Everyone wants to catch up before Christmas as if there isn’t going to be any time after….So as your blood pressure rises and your body temperature shoots through the roof. What can you do to survive this coming Christmas period?

Below you may find some useful information to help you:

  • What we all need is a sense of humour – laughter can get you through nearly anything and a good breathing exercise to help you cope with the overwhelm/anxiety that comes with the Christmas period.
  • Ask for help and allow others to help you…… let go of a little bit of control.
  • Keep it simple- it’s not about impressing the relatives but about love and enjoying those around you.
  • Remember love & cheer is for 365 days a year not just 1.
  • Family gatherings can be:
    A. Fun
    B. Tolerable
    C. Downright war.
    Try not to be pulled into the family politics and take little space for yourself.
  • Try going with the flow.
  • Emotionally, physically & mentally holidays can be draining. So remember to get lots of rest and drink plenty of water.
  • Keep up the exercise and good healthy eating.
  • Limit and don’t over indulge in too much sugar or alcohol.

If you are alone -:

  • maybe ring a friend to say hello on Christmas morning
  • go to a church service
  • Volunteer at a community kitchen
  • Start or complete a project at home.
  • Watch a special movie or listen to some music.
  • If you feel you’re in crisis then contact Lifeline 131 114 or if you feel your is life is in danger Call 000

 If you know someone that’s alone:

  • Give them a call to say hello.
  • Drop off or post a hand written card to brighten their day.
  • Encourage them to volunteer or to get outside to enjoy the day.


Some practical ways to help counter Christmas Stress:

  • Walk bare foot in the grass and soak in the energy from the earth.
  • Go for a walk in nature.
  • Dance to loud music at home.
  • To change your energy use music –  If needed to calm yourself down use relaxing soft music and if you need to be uplifted then put on the beat- African drumming music is great for this exercise. (Enjoy – I love using music to help me with my energy flow)
  • Take a bath
  • Gardening
  • Be creative- cooking for pleasure, Art & craft.

But my #1 tip is Stop and connect to your breath. Listen to your breath go in & out through the nose, Just stop, sit and just breathe. Doesn’t matter where you are, at home, sitting in your car or at work, just take time for yourself and reconnect to the rhythm of your breath, breathing down into your stomach. Relax take 5 for yourself this holiday period.

Diane Collett is a qualified mediation teacher, an advanced crystal master and a transpersonal art therapist and works with women to achieve a greater sense of peace, grounding and improved confidence and happiness and for everyone to be able to relax into their bodies and free their mind.