There is nothing more important to realise in life than – there is no separation

We may have heard it. perhaps we have written this ourselves at times. It speaks  about the connection of us – to life.  All of life. 

It is every bit the essence of inclusivity.  It says I am you , you are me.  BUT MORE than that.

It says I am the air, the earth, the fire, the water, every animal every plant – every sentient being.  There is no separation.  Everything is one.

And whilst you hear those words, whilst we can speak those words, actually fully understanding and seeing the depth of these words is another thing.

And it’s important for us to truly grasp this meaning, because its depth lies in our wellness.  it lies in the wellness of everyone and everything.  it lies in Global Wellness.

If we are all one, a piece of the whole, then our wholeness depends on the wellness of every piece.

Let me go back a tiny step.  When I speak about wellness I speak about every one of us having our own personal pathway and journey to wellness. The truth is, when I speak about wellness, I speak about how we each must OWN our wellness, that we are responsible for the way for our wellness. 

But as I go on to discussing the Wellbeing aspects of wellness, we come to discover that wellness helps pave the way to wellbeing.  that the wellbeing that we seek is of clarity and peace of mind.  That we find meaning and connection to our life.  This has now gathered momentum in the science worlds as being so very important in the happiness and longevity of our lives.  That we find this meaning and value and that we have the clarity to seek it out and enjoy it.

What has this to do with global wellness?

I go on to speaking about the real bottom line of wellness. 

  • That first it is always going to be the action of self love.
  • That self love always expands into more than self
  • That more than self always opens to greater than self.

So again let me take a step back.  Wellness is the journey and actions of self love.  Without self love, caring and finding worth in self we do not begin the journey of wellness.  That through truly knowing and loving self we discover more than self, as we discover ourselves within others.  we see that we are more than just me – we are – you and me.  And that this, becomes greater in our realisation of no separation.  That we are within all things.

Global wellness is the knowing that within each and every one us lies everything, and none can exist without the other, and all exist on the wellness of each other.

Bottom line of wellness is – that whilst it is a personal journey,  whilst we have to find our own way, and we each walk alongside each other on our paths, we can NEVER be well without each other being well. 

I am not well, without you being well – for I am a part of you and you me.  I can attain a great level of wellness and WELLth but it will never fully be achieved without you.  You are a part of my wellness.

And deeper still – the earth, the sea, the universe.

I cannot be well without you, and NONE OF US can be well without the earth being well, without the sea being well, without the sky being well, without the universe being well!

It’s simply not possible – because each of us are a part of the whole without separation.

Which brings me back to where we began.

There is nothing more important to realise in life than – there is no separation.

This one very simple understanding.  No KNOWING.

This one very deep knowing says it all, that we will continue to fail without all of us being on board – without all of us truly respecting and appreciating and HONOURING the entire whole.  that our part as a piece is as valuable to the entire whole as every piece, and that it is upon us to do our part, to journey well and to bring each other and life into wellness.

I know, there is much great work for us to do here in our lifetimes.  None more important than self realisation and actualisation.  This work means we align with ourselves and begin the journey towards our wholeness, our wellness, our WELLth.  In this we realise that these words of no separation are of great importance and require deep commitment and action.


Our wealth is our WELLth.  It is the wellth of the whole.  The entire planet and universe being well.

The water being clear and pure and vital.

The earth being sustained in regenerative ways.

The air being the gift of every moment we live.

The animals and plants being alongside us as we travel and explore.

This is important – important enough for us to take hold of and truly begin to journey to our wellness.

May you find your way.

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