Hi, I am Shae and I am – let’s call it – ‘an Energy Worker’.

There are so many labels and language in this industry that depending on my mood of the day, who I am explaining it to and who is channelling through me at the time, I find it difficult to put what I do and how I do it  into words because when I work I don’t use my thinking consciousness and reason,  I use my “feeling and sensing”.  I also don’t like using terminology or popular words as peoples perspectives of those terms differs so I like to keep it simple.

Here goes!

My work is something so special and personal and private to me, I just do it naturally and organically.

In a session, if it’s ok with the client, I use any modality that I am intuitively drawn to, and is available to me, so every session, like every person, can be totally different.

For all sessions I set the intent for the client to have the most beneficial energy shift possible for them and to do all work possible in that session.  I don’t re book people or tell them when they need to come back.  I feel discussing that at the end of a session is limiting the possibility of instant healing, it instantly deflates the positive momentum and is setting an intent that it is unreasonable for the client to have an instantaneous shift.  They need their time to process the session and practice new ideas and need time for things to unfold.  That time is different for everyone.  Instantaneous results can be achieved for some when we as therapists don’t limit it.    They will return if and when they feel the need.   If the client hasn’t felt a substantial shift in that session then I don’t feel I am doing my job properly.  Every session is a healing regardless if its  through a Tarot Reading or a Meditation,  Reiki/ Massage Treatment, Counselling or any thing else.

My intent is to create a shift designed to  release the old energy, perspectives or beliefs and clear a space for the new that has previously felt impossible.

I tap into and shift, or draw in and use, energy in all forms, just as I pull from all the modalities I have studied. Soul Energy, Universal Energy, Earth Energy, Planetary Energy, Angel Energy, Guides Energy, Ancestral Energy, Fairy Energy, Past life Energy, Environmental Energy, Human Ego Energy, Mental Energy, Emotional Energy, Past Life Energy and so on.

I have around 25 Qualifications or certificates from mainstream and alternative modalities including 4 relevant Diplomas.  I first became a member of AHHCA about 20 years ago.

I have worked this way all my life.  As a very young child living in an environment of trauma and terror I learnt to look through peoples words and what they were telling me, to read what was really going on or going to happen or what they were really thinking or feeling.  It was crucial for my survival and to keep other children safe to follow what I felt.  It just became second nature.

I work intuitively/psychically, I “see, smell, feel and hear” information, but mostly I just have a deep knowing. Every session is totally guided spiritually/energetically and unscripted.

I am open about who I am and what I do but I don’t advertise rather I like to think people who need what I offer and resonate with me and my work will find me – quality of connection over quantity, the Universe is good like that.

I believe the most important thing as a Therapist is to be 100 per cent focused, present and holding space for that one individual.  During their appointment time nothing at all  matters but them.   The next thing is be honest and real, cancel your clients when you are not personally in a good space, do the work on yourself, seek healing,  practice what you preach it keeps your energy clear and not doing so is an injustice to your client.   Like making them look through a dirty window, you will mirror your issues on to them, and in my opinion that is unprofessional and irresponsible.

My readings are therapeutic. They are deep and personal. They are not superficial. They mostly talk of the past present and future and how to use Universal Energy to the best of your advantage. They offer insight and  awareness of self, how to recognise opportunities and to create change in your life.

My meditation groups are so much more than meditation!. We are Energy Explorers together!  I share everything I know and together we learn and experience amazing things.

Here is an example I would love to share with you…. As a  Group we experimented with Telepathy over Zoom. Tuning into a drawing I had done that day while I focused on it and “sent” it to them. Then the group drew what came to them.  We compared our experiences and deciphered them together.  No judgement, no hierarchy, no wrong – just a team playing with energy through experiment. Following the Energy and seeing where it took us.  When I showed my picture one member of our Group gasped and announced that earlier that day I had text her to ask if she was Zooming with us that evening.  At the exact time I text her she was in a meeting for her work and they had had been studying a diagram… It was what I drew and subsequently resembled what she had drawn, and all the others group members had connecting themes and shapes!.

The world is so much more amazing when you live and work in its multifaceted, multi dimensional realities. So humbled and blessed are those of us who can and do!

Cheers and Sparkles.

Shae Valentine