Colour therapy – An Introduction

Colour therapy uses the energy of colour to bring about healing and promote health and well-being. It may sound very new but in fact the origins of colour healing go back to several ancient civilisations, including Ancient Egypt.

To a colour therapist each colour corresponds with a particular chakra and endocrine system and carries its own form of energy and healing.


Base chakra – red – adrenal

Sacral chakra – orange – reproductive organs

Solar plexus chakra – yellow – pancreas

Heart chakra – green/pink – heart thymus

Throat chakra – blue – thyroid

Third Eye chakra – Indigo – pituitary

Crown chakra – violet – pineal.


In a colour healing treatment, a therapist will work with the parts of the patient that are out of balance using the chakra system as a guide. The healing benefits of colour are then used to bring about change and balance. Some of the many tools used by a colour therapist include: a chromotherapy (colour torch), colour meditation and breathing, drawing/colouring exercises for both diagnoses and healing, colour swatches and crystals for placing on different chakras, colour projection and visualisation. In many cases a colour therapist will incorporate other healing modalities, such as reiki and crystal therapy, into the treatment to enhance the overall healing effect. The treatments you will receive with a colour therapist will be profound yet gentle, aiming to bring about positive change or movement with each visit. A colour therapist may also guide their patient with home care activities to further enhance the effects of their treatment, including use of colour in décor, food choices, clothing/accessories and visualisations.

Colour is of course all around us and we all use and respond to colour every day. Indeed, many businesses are aware of colour and its impact on psyche and so choose colours of logos and promotional material with this in mind. One of the easiest ways of working with colour ourselves is by observing our clothing choices and adding in those colours we wish to have more of. Below lists some of the common characteristics of each colour:


Red – confidence, energy

Orange – joy

Yellow – concentration

Green – balance and harmony

Blue – communication, calm

Indigo – belief, intuition

Violet – peace.


Colour healing can also be brought about by simply looking at a certain colour and letting the energy of that colour enter our being; i.e., looking at the green of grass and blue of the sky can bring about more calm and balance. As with any type of healing, the effect is enhanced if we state our affirmation at the time.

Colour therapy is perhaps one of the simplest of all healing modalities yet its effects can be deep and profound. I believe it is a wonderful tool to use each day.



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By Kerrie Clayton

Kerrie has a Certificate in Colour Therapy from the Natural Energies College. She is also a qualified Aromatherapist, Nutritionist and Reiki Master. Kerrie may be contacted via