Avoiding Disappointment this Holiday Season

A few years ago my husband articulated what many of us feel about Christmas when he said “I don’t want to be disappointed”.

The tools of Access Consciousness® would say that you can only be disappointed if you have expectations, projections, rejections, decisions, conclusions, computations, judgments and/or agendas already in place…….

In many traditions around the world this is a season where reflection, giving thanks, wishing for peace and joy is high on the agenda, so how can we incorporate these things into our lives without the other aspects?


Before you get caught up in the madness that has been dubbed “the silly season” I would get you to ask some questions of yourself and the way you (and the others around you) normally operate at this time of year:

  • What expectations do you have about how the holidays “should be”?
  • How are you “wanting” other people around you to be (and do) during this time?
  • How do you/they actually usually behave?
  • Have you decided or concluded how your holiday experiences should/shouldn’t, will/won’t, must/must not go?
  • Do you have “standards” that you secretly expect to be met around gift giving, events, and activities?
  • Are any of these things based on family, cultural or religious conditioning?

Ease, Peace & Joy

Now that you have some awareness around WHY you might end up feeling disappointed, it is time to consciously choose ways to add some ease, peace and joy to the season!

This might include things like:

  • being grateful
  • nurturing yourself
  • putting more of what makes you happy into your schedule
  • choosing your gifts for others in a way that suits you – this could be something like “everyone gets gift vouchers” or “everyone gets homemade items from markets” or (my favourite) “everyone gets consumable gifts so they don’t end up with more STUFF”
  • focusing on connecting energetically rather than verbally with friends and family – be present AND don’t get caught up in their agendas, expectations, etc.
  • Let yourself be “the open window” and let the good, the bad and the ugly flow through.

Finally I wish you a safe holiday season and hope that you choose some ease, peace and joy!

Karen Howard is an Access Consciousness Bars and Body Facilitator and coach.  She is an expert in holistic stress management, ease and shining brightly.

To work with her (maybe you want a de-stress session before Christmas) call 0403 982 185 or email alwaysshinebrightly@gmail.com